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Photo by David Cooper


Press Clippings

“The most powerful piece I saw was a one woman show by Maja Bannerman… I was completely bowled over by the performance, both in terms of the content and the delivery. It’s a collection of songs and monologues written and performed by Bannerman herself and it is stunning! The stories are powerful and moving; the acting is excellent and Maja’s voice is strong, clear, powerful and full.”

- CBC Radio

“History is brought to life through the creative genius of Maja Bannerman… Bannerman’s performance combines original music and spoken word with an eclectic mix of historical readings. (She) gives an intimate and memorable performance captivating her audience with her subtle sense of humour. She blends her own fictional account of life on the McFarland homestead with writings from the period (and) presents the audience with an interesting and rare look into the social world of the 19th century.”

- The Niagara Advance

“Audiences are quite simply blown away when Maja Bannerman does her thing. The ‘thing’ is performing her writings, insights into the emotions and feelings of people who have captured her imagination. With her no-frills approach, she is not enveloped by a fancy stage or truckload of props. Space and unsuspecting audience are all she requires…So enthralling was her work that she had to remind us when she was back and the character but a whirling myriad of emotions for us to sift through.”

- The Oakville Beaver

“ We cried…at the true and heartbreaking tale of loss, CASTA DIVA: Visions of Maria Callas as told by Niagara-on-the-Lake’s magnificent Maja Bannerman. The play about the disturbed diva… takes despair to a lonely, new depth. It creaks and groans with love and loss. The black-walled setting adds to the mood, and for a moment, it’s the hull of an old Greek ship with old recordings eerily playing somewhere down below. It may be one of the Festival’s best dramas. Don’t let it be overlooked!”

- Tom Hogue, The Hamilton Spectator

“ Maja Bannerman evokes empathy and compassion from her audiences. It was uncanny how one woman standing alone could demand so much attention…(the) audience sat silent watching Bannerman’s riveting performance. Her monologues are astounding theatrical works.

- Kamloops This Week

“ Singer/ poet Maja Bannerman is one of the founders of the 'Queen Street artist' identity - slightly eccentric, conversant in multi-media artforms and daring in presentation.”

- NOW Magazine


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